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Lecture: Book of Mormon Archaeology in North America
May 21, 2002; 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Kent Concert Hall, Chase Fine Arts Center, USU Campus, Logan, Utah

Admission: $1.00 donation to cover Concert Hall rental

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Wayne May: Publisher of Ancient American Magazine and Co-Author of "THIS LAND: Zarahemla and the Nephite Nation," will present slides of old and new discoveries of the America's ancient inhabitants, ruins, mounds, artifacts, Nephite forts, etc...(over 70 artifacts on display)
Duane Erickson: BMS Foundation, Inc.  The Book of Mormon Geography and the USA - Duane will attempt a miracle! Using the Book of Mormon, he will identify the elusive Promised Land.  A scriptural break down will be handed out in advance of the presentation.
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Edwin G. Goble: Co-Author of "THIS LAND: Zarahemla and the Nephite Nation," will present his theory on Nephite Directions as they were understood in their day.

Steve Shaffer: Author of "Treasures of the Ancients: Recent Discoveries of Ancient Writings in North America" will join us to sell his book and show his cuneiform tablet and other tablets from the Rocky Mountain area of Utah.

One of "May" Stone Tablets purportedly unearthed in Michigan
Relevant Maps to May 21 Lecture
Sequence: three maps, from general to specific.
Utah State University Campus, Logan, Utah.  Take 700 North off Hwy. 91 (north approach).  Or take Hwy 89 (State Street) to campus (south approach).
USU Northeast Campus
(Chase Fine Arts Center = building 29 on right side, second to top)

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Chase Fine Arts Center (photo)

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