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Hill Air Force Base, Health & Fitness Show, May 1 2002

    What a great and fun day I had associating with friends and former colleagues of both my "wings" (from when I was attached to the 409th and 151st as a Radar Specialist).

    This gave me an opportunity to encourage my friends who are some of America's finest Airmen, Support Staff and Base Personnel to make life changes so they can stay airborne, privileged, functioning and happy in the service of our Country, Community and their own families! No one gave me any debate to the contrary on my advise because they know well that P.T. includes correctly fueling their personal "machine" of life, as well as staying within the "regs" and "compliance" with its mechanical "ops!"

    Thanks, Sgt. Kell, Karen and wonderful HESS staff for the invitation to participate, for your recognition of our experience and its potential as a benefiting contribution to my friends of the Air Force, and for your kindest honor of us in return!
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