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Come see our display! -- Utah State Fair 2002 !!! -- and have lots of fun too!
Utah State Fair 2002!
Thuu. Sept 5 - Sun Sept 15, 
at Utah StateFairpark, Salt Lake City, Utah
-- Our information is free! --
The expo space secured by this website's key author
Thomas L. Rodgers - The Vegetarian Cowboy and Scientist!
will have information on many interconnected issues including:
LifeSave, education in human health and disease transmission to humans,
WaterAndLife, NoToxicWater, StopFloridation : fluoridation /conservation;
Joyce Kinmont's LDSHomeEducationAssociation, HomeSchoolUtah
Dr.Ann Tracy's anti-depressants education in DrugAwareness,
Jack Monnett's LDS Archive Publishing,
LDSVeg, 5-A-Day and more. (Fair info)
Fair Programs, Entertainment, Exhibit Details, Maps & Directions
We are in spaces 19 and 20, in South West Corner of Market Bldg
See you all there !!!
 You can locate our booth by looking for our banners, pictures and posters:
 LifeSave -- Biological Research and Education,  5-A-Day, Drug AwarenessWater and,
 Citizens for Safe Drinking - - Utah,
 Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Fluoride! -, HomeSchoolUtah  and L.D.S. Archieve Publishing
First two hours of opening day, Thursday Sept 5, beginning at 3pm until 5pm,
all persons enter FREE!!!
At all other times there is a fee for this fair -- but it is a Very Good Deal!
It is less than a movie and can provide great education and fun for all day!
Entrance price is: Adults $6.00, Seniors $5.00, Children 6-16 yrs $4.00,
5 yrs and Younger are free!
Check here for discount tickets until Aug 30
Hours are: 3 pm to 10 pm on the opening day, Thursday Sept 5;
 10 am to 11 pm both the first and last Fridays and Saturdays; 10 am to 10 pm all other days including Sunday Sept 8 and Sunday Sept 15 - the last day.
Come Enjoy and Learn!
[place maps here]
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