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Come see our display! -- WorldFest 2002-- and have lots of fun too!
WorldFest 2002!
Sun. Sept 29, Woodley Park, Van Nuys (L.A.) California
-- Our information is free! --
The expo space secured by this website's key author
Thomas L. Rodgers - The Vegetarian Cowboy and Scientist!
will have information on many interconnected issues including:
 Education in human health and disease transmission to humans: LifeSave;
Fluoridation /water conservation; WaterAndLife, Animals Against Fluoride, NoToxicWater, StopFloridation;
Joyce Kinmont's LDSHomeEducationAssociation, HomeSchoolUtah;
Dr.Ann Tracy's anti-depressants education in DrugAwareness;
Jack Monnett's LDS Archive Publishing;
LDSVeg, 5-A-Day and more. (
WorldFest Program, Entertainment, Exhibit Details, Maps & Directions
See you there !!!
We will also paticipate in
VegSource's Healthy LifeStyle Conference Sept 27-29 (&30),
as we are able while in LA
 You can locate our booth by looking for our banners, pictures and posters:
 LifeSave -- Biological Research and Education,  5-A-Day, Drug AwarenessWater and,
 Animals Against Fluoride, Citizens for Safe Drinking - Utah, - Utah,
 Friends Don't Make Friends Drink Fluoride! -, HomeSchoolUtah  and L.D.S. Archieve Publishing
Take the 405 north to Victory exit (north of the 101 and south of the 118 freeways)
Go west 1/2 mile to Woodley Avenue, Turn left and go 1 block,
Woodley Park is on your left
Parking on street and also available in parking lot across the Park.
More helpful information to be posted here before the time of program!
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