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   Your eyes would have to be sealed shut with serious cholesterimia and your heart hardened with sclerotic plaque before you could miss his display on the Venice Beach "Boardwalk" or Santa Monica Promenade!
    Jingles has probably changed more lives for the good of humanity's own health and saved more lives of the animals, through his humble educational displays in Santa Monica and Venice than any other activist the L.A. area that I know. His technique may be brash, flamboyant, certainly disconcerting, but  it is effective, and many owe their improved lives to his limited budget presentations, given in his uniquely unselfish love, eccentricity and courageous voice!
    Be read for your comfort zone to be crashed by this very vocal and very visual crusader for the good of the creatures, the suffering of Mother Earth -- and you!

    With cautious courage...
You can see Jingles' "pull-no-punches" writings and some of his gruesomely
real display at his website! (Click photo or the link at left.)
But be prepared for harsh and hard truth!

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