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    Beauty also begins from what goes within! Debbie Merrill not only labors in her theater and athletics skills but is laboring here in her thoughtfulness for you as the gracious and pretty hostess who would have greeted and seated you to an equally beautiful dinning experience at Don Kidson's Living Light House in Santa Monica, for Thanksgiving dinner!  A dinner like she has chosen for much of her life -- where no creature is harmed, destroyed or devoured -- so light and kindness is experienced even on your dinner plate, as also shines through in her tender smile!

Nece. Also not shortened in her athletic freedom and tender spirit is my dear hiking and Vegan friend who loves the out of doors. Living harmless to creation Nece is the kind heart who encourages me to get out to hike periodically and so chaperones me to the beautiful spots of nature of L.A. as she climbs mountains in her simple "morning walks!" before going to work. Fueled on foods of gentleness she has the enthusiasm to vault the inclines with ease and encourages me to climb with her to see the marvelous views secretly held in the coastal mountains of Malibo and Los Angels. Her Beautiful spirit and frame is evidence of that kindness she has chosen in the care of her physical temple and it's preciously contained spirit which heaven has giving to her to carefully guard and steward.

Even with my Venice Beach sun burned face and nose, walking on the streets of Santa Monica I can run into some of my favorite comedians and news anchors and joke with each other. How honored I was as I got to spend time to relax with these good hearted friends between movie "takes" and discuss some common interests and unique similarities in our life experiences, and our so much alike choices now wisely taken -- and also have just plain fun -- with one of my most long time enjoyed "clean jokes" comedian team of "Buzz" Belmondo and "The Professor" (far right) and CBS's familiar voice of intelligent national news and commentary with me in the center.
Thanks gentlemen; keep your great healing laughter and good common sense reporting coming!

    My humble set of wheels that has pulled me nearly two hundred thousand miles (including Cornell and Yale) even after buying her for five hundered dollars used (what a sweetheart of a good machine). Serving also as my mobil billboard of education for those who follow and my rolling home away from home, stopped here in the cleaner mountain air, we both (my Plymouth Voyager and me) are enjoying a restful moment and view from the top of Mount Wilson.
    This is looking South over the L. A. basin this last October, when surfing and swimming was do-able in one moment, then one hour later, sleighing and skiing, if you wanted to!
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