Santa Monica, California, 5 Nov 2000

Sunday - Special Opportunity - Mr Thomas L Rodgers - The Vegan Cowboy and Scientist in Santa Monica!

Dear  Friends

You are invited to a special opportunity this Sunday afternoon - that is tomorrow, Nov 5, 4pm, at the Living Light House, learning facility, 1457 12th St (corner Broadway & 12th) Santa Monica Calif. (ph. 310-395-6337)

To participate in a profound presentation from Mr Thomas L Rodgers, indpt. research specialist in Zoonotic Epidemiology (the science of disease transmission from animals to man) and animal tissue triggered auto-immune disease (a factor in all)! He is an ex dairyman / rancher and survivor of level 4 malignant melanoma cancer, 4 strokes, heart disease, MDR Strep A (Jim Hensonís killing infection), pre-diabetes, depression, arthritis and more!

Mr Rodgers will remove you from your comfort (and discomfort) zone, wreck your traditions, old wives tales, merchandizing fraud and advertising B.S, dis-information and foolish myths - all which rob you of your health, happiness, life and money!

As the original Anti-dairy dairyman (KTKK Radio 1993) and Vegan Cowboy Scientist -  Pathologist and hidden co-author, contributor, consultant, research resource (for several best selling books) and behind the scenes educator, Mr Rodgers has been an unseen - hence too often unappreciated force in adding real and hard education to the more visible and/or heavier funded players in the field, like Howard Lyman, Robert Cohen, Dr Gabriel Cousins, David Wolf, Dr Michael Klapper, John Robbins, Dr Neal Barnard, Eustice Mullins, Dr Michael Hansen, Dr Virgil Hulse, Dr Leonard Horowitz, Rodney Barker (Waters turn to Blood) Pulitzer prize winning Richard Rhodes (Deadly Feasts) and more!

Uncompromising, brutal and rock solid in real science and experience - he is merciless in shredding the ignorance and dis-information which pervades all the healing arts - especially those still foolishly maintained within the so-called homeopathic and natural healing practitioners!

Mr Rodgers neither promotes nor peddles any potion, paraphernalia, nor program! You do not become his followers or dependents - he says he has enough with his own family to saticfy his ego, honor and worry!
He simply arms you with truth! - self-empowering, self-governing, self-healing and self-maintaining truth!
(But he will never close his door, turn off his phone, computer or his old Plymouth Voyager to help you!)

Motivated by his love for his own children, family and all humanity, all creation and our earth and its future - and in return for his own restored health and in his belief and covenant with his God, he freely and generously gives his time and resources to access anyone willing to hear with open ears and open heart!
There is no cost for his presentation! - So do not plan to open you wallet or check book - he does not charge - so you know he must be nuts or operating some pondsy scheme! - He says he actually works for his living like any other honest man, then takes out time to do this! - Can you believe that?

He does not want you to easily believe him at face value - but prays that you will challenge, check, test and discover the truth for yourself and then take charge of your own health!

Come see if what he tells you rings true - then you act on it and prove it for yourself!

We wish we could have given more timely notice - but he was able to add and remain only a few days after other commitments which brought him here! If you can arrange to attend, the time will be well worth it!
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