Speaking Schedule:
Oct  17, 2003
Schedule - Travel, Classes and interviews: click here for Calendar (which may need updating)
More information is coming on Vegan Family verses State Child Protective Services, the Medical Establishment and the Law.
Family vs State (
If you are aware of similar situations or cases, or can help please contact us.
 Email here.
Vegan Baby Wrongfully Taken From Parents!!!
Your influence and help is needed!
Vegetarian / Vegan, Alternative Medicine, Home Educated Children and their Families' Unity --

- all is put at Risk - 
by adversarial family members, neighbors or friends,
Medicine, "Child Protective Services", 
and the States Legal System!
Special L. A. Calif. Presentations - Vegan Cowboy Science - Oct 18-29

See Flyer at bottom, click flyer, "Family" or "Schedule" link for info, Los Angles, Calif. itinerary, followed in Utah & more.

Oct 12 2003 
     As you can see below, I will be in Los Angles, California, Saturday, Oct 18 through Wednesday, Oct 22, speaking to EarthSave Inland Empire, Radio KLSP and others as I have been requested. 
     They have asked me to explain Algae, B12, etc. 
     We also have legal cases being claimed against Vegans and Natural Health Choice Families here in my community that have been hitting the National news! There are similar cases nationally! So I will also (as the crowd wishes) speak somewhat on the Medical misperceptions the State and Physicians have with Vegan nutrition (and B12). And I will address the legal, social and medical experiences of several Vegan /Natural Health Families in their battles with Doctors, Hospitals, State Agencies, Judiciary and adversarial neighbours, community or relatives -- and the States decisions -- or serious interference -- with how to feed, medically treat, educate and care for our own Vegan children. 
    More information and detail is coming on Vegan Family verses State Child Protective Services, the Medical Establishment and the Law.  Click on this link: Family vs State (
   If you are aware of similar situations or cases or can help, please contact us. Email here.
    Please click here or on flyer below for full L.A. Calif. itinerary.
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Note to my Utah State Senators
~  ~  ~
Small Community Farmers are being hurt by being forced into paying the higher costs for treated water which will never reach the teeth of any children.

We farmers were never told the true costs by Health Dept. officers, municipal bureaucrats or promoters -- and we usually must purchase more water than dozens of families combined -- to help feed them and you!

We deserve the right to an educated revote! Now!

California is fast running out of agricultural water, the Great Plain's Ogalalah aquifer is depleting, and Mexico, also with limiting water, is not guaranteed as sufficiently stable and must feed her multiplying own! -- So who will feed you if we locals cannot survive!

Help us survive! -- so you and your children can!

Support HB 64 - with re-vote immediate to preserve already stressed farmers with their thirsty stocks and productions!

As of March 3 our Legislators may have just put the ax to what HB-64 had given us back, buy passing SB-28 which may seriously encumber the Initiative Process -- see Bart Grants review of SB-28 at our donated site to his and others efforts in this Legislative session's watch
Also see other 'Utah State Legislative issues' reviewed by friends on
Aug 19 2003:
     I am sorry for not finding time to keep this schedule updated. 
I have been gasping for breath as I try to take care of my own family, especially since my wife lost her work, and I still try to meet everyone else's needs without any help. I have spent all I have making sure the rest of our teaching and internet work stays available in spite of now being without gas heat and convenient hot water since March. That is the price we pay for giving away our time and not selling you some useless potions, paraphernalia, programs or costly publications. So I work to take care of my families needs -- while still trying to help you -- and it is not very easy.

     I feel very frustrated because in these current months I was not able to afford to represent our community, you and our efforts at two world gatherings, with media and large public exposure of like minded scientists, educators, professionals, media and people of experience, and to help legitimize the truth for health and environmental wisdom to the people of the West, the Nation and the World.

     I am further frustrated because I have not been able to even purchase both space at our county and state fairs, nor provide exposure via simple a simple but cute float in our major state parades though we were invited. Both parade and fair activities provide encouragement for healthy human change and environmental and animal protection wisdom for the thousands of mothers, fathers and youth as they see that we and thousands of intelligent others including their admired famous and wise are already benefited.

     I know we need to be visible and accessible to the struggling moms as they try to find the truth for building healthier families. But I cannot do that any more without help! -- I have done it in the past and now ran my self worse than broke and now I cannot find means to do it and it pains me knowing  that thousands will not see our blessing message at this year's state fair and other pubic exposures -- simply because I cannot afford their even most reasonable booth charges and invitation to participate.

     I have been working to provide data and help defend a family whose child was wrongly removed from them for vegetarian lifestyle choices which had provoked adversarial family member in collusion with ignorant medical and child welfare service personnel. I just spent another unpaid day with state officials trying to rectify this atrocity. 
This is vicious assault on all vegetarian families! I cannot sit silent while stupidity against healthier life choices continue! This is why it is so important for us to have the power to educate the public. We have to try to override the highly funded pro flesh food propaganda and public ignorance. I am trying to do that -- but on no more funds against their meat and milk disease and death made  millions!

     But I will try to share more of what I know with you if you contact me, even while I am working and trying to meet my own family's needs. I will travel reasonable distances and still give you my time as best I can. But a little help, even if it is just a tank of gas, some fresh juice and a vegan sandwich, would be appreciated in return.

Tom Rodgers, 
PO Box 304 Bountiful Utah 84011-0304
phone 801-298-9095 (caller ID required and displayed),
Our Email (

     I will try to upgrade and clean this page and my Calendar  in the next few days, but I need to take care of my home, utilities and family first. My wife deserves better than what she right now has. She has sacrificed so much out of her loving care for me and you.

June 2003
We are Sponsoring Robert Cohen July 25-27 -- See Below!
Latter Day Saint Home Education Association Conference June 6, 2003 - See you there! 
Utah Home Education Conference - following day - June 7, 2003 

at Salt Palace Convention Center in SLC

May 18 2003 
Working to get out of last years and this winter's burdens and make things decent for my wife and family. -- They have sacrificed much for this labor that benefits everyone else but them. 
I have been going through my old business' tools and salvaged materials and cleaning everything up with the need to add resources into my labors for survival -- and to be able to continue helping others find healing wisdom here on this web effort and in my other teaching opportunities while at it!
I am also presently arranging facilities for my friend Robert Cohen: who will be here and available in Salt Lake July 25-27 - Please Check Back!
We will hold the regular monthly Bountiful /Layton area potluck at my home Wed May 21. 
Don't forget Joyce Kinmont's LDSHEA Conference June 6

April 28 2003 

But for now we will have special potluck class April 30 at my home, then present at Bountiful library Tue May 6, Hill Air Force May 7, Magna City Fitness Center May 10, LDSHEA Conference June 6

3 Mar 2003 
Nearly all of the last 40 days have been consumed in Utah State Legislative wrangling over Fluoridation ( .
(See panel under picture at Left)

Shock Treatment Restrictions (

Initiative Processes and more (

-- and we still have a few more days of session before we can return to "Normal?" and try to take care of family obligations again! This unpaid watch over my Legislature ruins me more!

Don't forget my First Tuesday Bountiful Library presentation:
I want to teach "How the Flu Flew to You!", but I also have been so provoked be Legislative chicanery I probably will vent on that one too!

Disinformation and powerful money interests are working also in political circles to keep you ignorant, shackled and sick for profit! 

11 Jan 2003

I will be at the Utah Eagle Forum Conference in Highland/American Fork Saturday 9am - 5pm. 

November through now (Jan 10 2003) I have been desperately trying to recover from my resource limited, yet heavily consuming last few months which included our Davis County and Utah State Fairs in my anti-fluoridation and health education efforts, followed by my booth setup in LA at WorldFest representing LDS Vegetarians and all my other issues to national and international visitors, all of which I was committed to early last year. And that was followed by being asked to help the anti-fluoridation education and linking of the Environmental Task Force while there -- which added five more weeks to a planned one week commitment. But we worked important wonders laboring hard there, drawing in and connecting important friends - while I lived impossibly frugal on less than $200 in that 5 weeks in my Plymouth Voyagers "low overhead" four-wheeled "office and motel" 

But I have been fielding many phone calls and teaching many local individuals and local groups in between my domestic responsibilities work and this labor's resource recovery efforts.

If you need use of my experience or knowledge, or want me to help educate you, family or friends, I will do all humanly possible to give what I can!

Tom Rodgers Email here or phone 801-298-9095 -Caller ID recorded

Thursday, Sept. 18 at 7 p.m. fourth floor 
Salt Lake City Main Library, 210 E. 400 South.
Food addictions with Dr. Neal Barnard
    Food addiction doesn't just mean craving chocolate. Cheese, meats and sugar all release substances that trigger the brain's pleasure center, according to Dr. Neal Barnard, author of "Breaking the Food Seduction."
      Barnard, adjunct associate professor of medicine at George Washington University School of Medicine and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, will be talking about the science behind food cravings on Thursday, Sept. 18 at 7 p.m. on the fourth floor of the Salt Lake City Main Library, 210 E. 400 South.   Details, Parking, Map & Driving Instructions link.

Special Thanks to Brooke Adams, reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune for her wonderful article:
"Little Sprouts" -  Pregnancy and raising children on a Vegan Diet. 
Please encourage and thank Brooke (and Stacey Nix Univ. of Utah Nutrition, who she referenced ) for her kindly positive efforts in courageously publishing this article! Her article helps correct seriously flawed public perceptions in truly healthy life choices, particularly for children. This information is in critical need, especially  within our  western meat focused economy with its over-advertised and misinformed, hence consequently unhealthy youth, families and communities - including many health professionals and educators. 

Consider sharing your personal and your family's vegan health successes with Brooke (and Stacey) as well. 
"Little Sprouts" by Brooke Adams, The Salt Lake Tribune, Family, Wed. April 23, 2003

Support Discussion and Potluck, April 30  - More at Bountiful Public Library, Hill Air Force Base and Magna City Fitness Center, etc. and EarthSave-SLC Potluck & Class
Robert Cohen sponsored by us to lecture in Salt Lake City, July 25-27, 2003
Robert Cohen -- Lecture Schedule -- Click Here!
So what's wrong with "good old" cow's milk?
- or its other tissues?
What are the human health issues? 
Sponsored by the Vegan Cowboy, LifeSave and local friends:

"Not Milkman"
Researcher and Author, of "Milk, The Deadly Poison",
Robert Cohen is to lecture in Salt Lake City, Provo, St..Grg.
July 25-28, 2003, including the NEW Salt Lake City Library, Auditorium, Etc,
click here>""
Radio interview schedulings in process on KCPW, KUER, KALL, KTKK, KSTAR etc 
Check back here later as program is finalized!
New Salt Lake City Library Auditorium, New Wagner J.C.C, New Provo Library, SLCC and more

Layton City Council Meeting was April 3rd -- see links to understand issue / / / Cows / Pets / Animals / Nature
Discussion on critical Fluoridation issues in Layton City Council meeting

Past: Nov 15 2002 -- Sorry for not keeping this page and all others updated -- I was challenged without internet access for the 5 weeks I was in LA living and working out of my van.  I am back home (and available in Utah) and will update these pages as soon as I get domestic responsibilities, work and debts caught up.

Past: Sept 21 2002 entree:
    We finished our Utah State Fair. Now am preparing for WorldFest in L.A. Sept 29. (see below)
    I will pass through St George, Overton and Las Vegas on way to L.A to visit briefly with friends as key players in educational efforts. I have been ask to speak at several gatherings in L.A.
    Then also stop and speak on the return trip. -- I will try to post those occasions here.
    I will have an educational booth at the Salt Lake City Downtown Farmers Market after we return.

Come see us at -- WorldFest 2002-- and have lots of fun too!
WorldFest 2002!
Sun. Sept 29, Woodley Park, Van Nuys (L.A.) California
-- Our information is free! --
The expo space secured by this website's key author
Thomas L. Rodgers - The Vegetarian Cowboy and Scientist!
will have information on many interconnected issues including:
 Education in human health and disease transmission to humans: LifeSave;
Fluoridation /water conservation; WaterAndLife, Animals Against Fluoride, NoToxicWater, StopFloridation;
Joyce Kinmont's LDSHomeEducationAssociation, HomeSchoolUtah;
Dr.Ann Tracy's anti-depressants education in DrugAwareness;
Jack Monnett's LDS Archive Publishing;
LDSVeg, 5-A-Day and more. (
More on Program, Entertainment, Exhibit Details, Maps & Directions
See you there !!!
We will also participate in
VegSource's Healthy LifeStyle Conference Sept 27-29 (&30), as we are able while in LA
At-a-glance...Calendar of Activities - For  .  .  .  .
New Page: During our serious draught (and consequent fires), learn relationships between your personal choices and water - especially your food choices: WaterFactsUtah..(Chart: State of Utah Natural Resources - Div. of Water Resources) Why Eat Vegan? - To Save Water, Self and Earth!

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Ester ChuJon of Carest Restaurant provides Vegan cooking class in Bountiful. Utah
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