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The State and Utah's IHC Medicine want you to believe that nursing infants are not harmed by Carbon Monoxide - but because they don't have animal flesh, fluids, or ova in the family's refrigerator or rotting inside their nursing mothers!
 -- then
Babies Wrongfully Taken by State From Loving Health Conscious Parents!!! - See Below
Thomas L. Rodgers - The Vegan Cowboy!
Anti-Dairy Dairyman! - Scientist! - Teacher! - Living Example!

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Dear Friends:
You are invited to learn from one of the best in life experience, science and spirit!

You have the enlightening opportunity to participate in profound presentation with Mr Thomas L Rodgers, a down-to-earth, life experienced, independent. research specialist and teacher in zoonotic epidemiology (the study of disease transmission from animals to man), animal tissue triggered (a factor in all) autoimmune disease, and human nutritional biology, including its influence in brain chemistry and processes of thought (neurology), and more!

He is a past dairyman / rancher / processor and survivor of (milk-born legionnaire's disease, in 1979,) level 4 malignant melanoma cancer (1990), (4) consequent strokes, rheumatic heart disease (and attack), MDR Strep A (Jim Henson's killing infection), pre-diabetes, arthritis, dental / periodontal disease, tinnitus, depression, obesity, more! All these bloomed and culminated in his near death and ruin in 1990, 91 and 92 - after a lifetime of  "faithfully" following his culture's and modern society's normally accepted and "professionally" tolerated, even "professionally" promoted as the western worlds "best" - human nutritional and behavioral choices!  Choices unfortunately flawed and insidiously leading (as it does for everyone) to his disease and dysfunction; and to his (like too many other's) awful medical, dental, pharmaceutical, clinical and hospital dependency, entrapment and bankrupt impoverishment!

Devastated, disabled, physically and economically crushed to the near destruction of  his tender family, he was about to become just-one-more human victim, terminated in foolish education, blinded understanding and profit manipulated choice. Found as another lucrative opportunity for (mostly) ignorant, indentured and mercenary science, (too often) directed in the alchemy's eco-rape, sophistry and it's proverbial promise-in-a-pill sorcery -- he, with his wife and children, became just-one-more family tapped out dry and left penniless in the so-called "mercy" of medicine's ravage!
It now happens needlessly, to too many!

But in this lethal struggle and it's ruin, through this man's humble pleading with heaven while at life's edge and in his willingness to learn and change, he felt death's door was (for the moment) sealed. So in his fortuned near death escape; he believes he was spared for his wife and children. He also believes he was permitted added life to access, open and expose withheld or covered  physical knowledge of real life processes and true science. He knows he must now help contribute to the healing of earth and of her humanity! - a humanity so desperately needing healing for themselves - and the wisdom of how it is to be done!

Mr Rodgers will remove you from your comfort (and discomfort) zone, wreck your traditions, old wives tales, merchandising fraud and advertising B.S, disinformation and foolish myths - all which rob you of your health, happiness, life - and money!

As an original KTKK Radio guest (on "The Joe Redburn Show" - 1993) and labeled (then by Joe Redburn and subsequently on The Dr Jack Stockwell Show, etc) as the "Anti-Dairy Dairyman," "No(t)-Milk Milkman" and "Vegan Cowboy Scientist" -- he was and is interviewed as a reformed, former dairyman rancher, now  independent etiology /pathology /epidemiology research specialist, teacher and healthy life-style change advocate. Mr Rodgers then became and is stillan important hidden and supporting contributor, co-author, consultant or research resource (for several presenters, even best selling authors and their books) with low visibility, often behind the scenes as a vigorous player and relentless activist! --  So Mr Rodgers has been an unseen, often quoted, yet unreferenced, hence publicly unappreciated force in adding real and hard real life and education complement to the more visible and/or better funded, promoted, charismatic and skilled players and fellows in the field, including: Howard Lyman, Robert Cohen, Dr Alex Hershaft, John Robbins, Dr Leonard Horowitz, Dr Doug Graham, Victoria Boutenko, David Wolf, Dr Gabriel Cousins, Dr Neal Barnard, kindly Dr Michael Klaper, dearest (now worthily with the angels) Dr Virgil Hulse, generous and flawless Eustice Mullins, Dr Michael Hansen, Ronnie Cummings, Rodney Barker (Waters Turn to Blood), and phenomenally accurate and honorable Pulitzer prize winning Richard Rhodes (Deadly Feasts), Barbara Mularkey, Rynn Berry, Keith Akers, Dr Ann Blake Tracy and more!

Uncompromising, brutal and grounded rock solid in reality, real science and experience - he is merciless in shredding the ignorance and disinformation which pervades all of the "healing arts" - especially those still foolishly maintained within many so-called homeopathic and natural healing practitioners!

Mr Rodgers neither promotes nor peddles any potion, paraphernalia, nor program! You do not become his followers or dependents! (He says he has enough with his own family to satisfy his ego, honor - and his worries!)
He simply arms you with truth! - Self-empowering, self-governing, self-healing, self-maintaining - self-sustaining truth!
He never closes his door, turns off his phone (though the phone company has when he has sacrificed too much in reaching out, educating and helping everyone else) or his computer (thought it may quit on its own sometimes), nor stops driving his old 89 Plymouth Voyager (which he willingly travels in, will room and sleep in, even in freezing weather, anytime he is asked, or is needed), to hear, answer and go to help you! It may not always be easy, but He makes himself available and accessible at any possible personal sacrifice! And his kind wife and family do without and sacrifice for his efforts to benefit many and you too!

Motivated by his love for his own children, family and all humanity; all creation and our earth and its future - and in return for his own restored life and health, and in his belief and covenant with his God, he gives of his labors, time and humble resources to access anyone, with open ears, open heart and willing to hear!

There is no cost required personally for him in his presentations! - You do not have to plan to open you wallet or check book - or even have one (though he will graciously accept a tank of gas and a loving vegan sandwich and juice from those who can afford it). Everyone, no matter how destitute (and he knows how destitute sickness leaves too many), is important to him! He knows from his own desperate struggles, having lost everything during his own sickness, how hard times are. So he does not charge for his own time or personal labor (so you know he must be nuts or operating some hidden pondsy scheme)! - Left without any property, grants, disability, retirement, or savings he uses his own hands, and spends his own energy to maintain self and family - and do this too! - Can you believe that? It is because he truly cares for humanity and you!

But when he has spoken to you and shared evidence, copies and printed materials with you - even after he has labored to express and expose all he knows to you, he does not want you to easily believe him at face value - but hopes, even pleads (and earnestly prays) that you will challenge, check, test, discover and prove the truth for yourself - and then take charge of your own healing and health!

See if what he tells you rings true -- then you act on it and prove it for yourself!

Mr Thomas L Rodgers -- the Vegan Cowboy, Anti-dairy Dairyman and Scientist!
Indpt research specialist and teacher, zoonotic epidemiology and nutritional biology (& neurology)
LifeSave Biological Research and Educational Consortium on Human Health, Utah/USA/Int'l
PO Box 304, Bountiful, Utah, 84011-0304
Ph 801-298-9095,  Fax 801-294-2970, email:            return to Top

Author honored as a successful Teminal Cancer Survivor 
15 yrs Later American Cancer Society's "Relay For Life" - June 2005 
-- Honored by SL Mayor & Beauty Queens >
A powerful book about man's righteous stewardship over his own appetite and all creation!
The Gate! Access your own healing Millennium! see below
Not enough Flesh? - or was it Furnace Fumes?
Babies are now being wrongfully removed from Health Conscious Vegetarian, Vegan,
and Medical-Independence-Choice Parents
by Incompetent, Ignorant, Arrogant Agencies,
erred Medicine and the State!
More detail is posted on
This Vegan, Intigrative Medical Choice Family verses State Child Protective Services, the Medical Establishment and State Lawyers.
What you should know. What you can do. Your help is needed!
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Teen Screen Holacaust -- in Illinois USAThe Faces of Pain!!!  
Teen Screen "Holocaust" in the USA!
This child & sister are set up to die in State DCFS care!

This site is a loving (Jewish) Mother's fight to save her own flesh and blood from the molestation, abuse & drugging of A State (in the U.S.A.?) Gone Mad with Medical Mind Control of Children!

Does Natzi Germany's Jew-maiming Dr Mengele still Live? and work in the courts of Illinois DCFS?  .
If you are aware of similar situations or can help please listen & speak at
This site's Author, well known for doing this family's diligence and discovery, publicizing and testifying in legislative committees, acting as expert and advocate, has now been asked by the Constitution Party and friends to run for State Senate and again for Representative
Personal Experience includes concerns for human family, earth, future!  Fun photos with Famous Friends with Caring Hearts sharing same concerns -- David Hyde Pierceof"Frazier", Montel Williams, Marilu Henner at USC
Personal efforts in Santa Monica, Calif. &
Northern Utah to overturn Fluoridation -- . Cows Against Fluoride, Horses,  Birds, Pets, Animals etc
More Caring Friends Alicia Sylverstone, Jay Kordish, Gretchen Wyler, Ralph Nader,"Zina"More.
Thanks for Tender Hearts
Donated webpage for a national index: Donated webspace to friends for critiques of Initive Amendments & 
Personal efforts in Utah State Legislature to restrict Elect-Convulsive Therapy New! WaterFactsUtah..Chart: State of Utah Natural Resources, Div. of Water Resources -- Why Eat Vegan? - To Save Water, Self and Earth!
NEW! - Taking the Rah!-Rah! out of "Raw"
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These pages below are available so you can learn from them (until formal pages are written and added on the subjects).
Algae Seaweed Caution at -- 
Misunderstood! - even by health conscious  professionals!
Honey - A Sweet Delusion!
Liver Cleanses - No!
Vitamin B12 ? Correspondence of value on specific subjects or issues

New Page: During our serious draught (and consequent fires), learn relationships between your personal choices and water - especially your food choices: WaterFactsUtah..(Chart: State of Utah Natural Resources - Div. of Water Resources) Why Eat Vegan? - To Save Water, Self and Earth!

Special Thanks to Brooke Adams, reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune for her wonderful article:
"Little Sprouts" -  "Pregnancy and raising children on a Vegan Diet." 
Please encourage and thank Brooke (and Stacey Nix Univ. of Utah Nutrition, who she referenced ) for her kindly positive efforts in courageously publishing this article! Her article helps correct seriously flawed public perceptions in truly healthy life choices, particularly for children. This information is in critical need, especially  within our  western meat and dairy focused economy with its over-advertised and misinformed, hence consequently unhealthy youth, families and communities - including many health professionals and educators. 

Consider sharing your personal and your family's vegan health successes with Brooke (and Stacey) as well. 
"Little Sprouts" by Brooke Adams, The Salt Lake Tribune, Family, Wed. April 23, 2003 
Success Responses: 1. Joyce Kinmont 
Support Discussion and Potluck - More at Bountiful Public Library, etc. and EarthSave-SLC Potluck & Class
Associated links:  Steroids etc
Also see health and free-agency related 'Utah State Legislative issues' reviewed by friends
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Dear Friends:
   This site and and all our other efforts have been provided and are paid for out of my personal efforts and my already stressed and limited personal resources, including those of my wife and my family! They - with me - live most frugal, and go without much, so this information and labor can be made available to educate, encourage and provide benefit for you. 
    Several times my family and I have had our utilities interrupted this winter, lived in a house at less than 60 degrees and scrimped on our food so we could instead keep these pages open, work without compensation and continue my freely given educational efforts made available to you.
    I travel and talk freely to you and your friends and families, secure facilities and provide display and provide materials on my own dime (which should be my family's instead), and sleep in my old 89 Plymouth Voyager even in brutal cold to save in my many miles traveled to share understanding and get help to you or anyone.
    So if you are or have been benefited by these efforts -- especially you who have been benefited over any part of these now near dozen years -- years in which my wife, children have given up of our own even most basic human needs or simplest of wants for your understanding and your health -- and years in which your life may have been spared and medical treatment and prescription costs have been saved. It would be wonderful to have your help in any way. Your help would be a gratefully accepted as some repayment for your health blessings and medical savings. So if you could help us sustain this effort and let it and us continue to reach and benefit you and others, even with your smallest of tangible contributed kindnesses, it would ease my family's sacrifices, be carefully used, sincerely appreciated and bring benefit to many others. Thank you, sincerely,
Thomas L Rodgers, LifeSave, PO Box 304,  Bountiful, Utah, 84011-0304  (ph. 801-298-9095)
If you are able to economically assist, please help me maintain this personal time and resource consuming effort - including this website effort which costs me $32 a month - to get healthy living information to you & everyone !
I have used all I have had of my own money which included thousands for University/Public venues, State and County Fair spaces, literature and photo copying which I purchased and made freely available for our vegan eating, human health and creature and Earth compassionate stewardship messages to get out -- and currently to do diligence, discovery, advocacy, legal and political battle nearly 2 yrs without pay for a Bureaucracy, Medicine and State violated innocent Vegan Family! And now I am dead broke, but cannot with my exact knowledge and personal healing experience, in my covenants or good conscience, with any peace of mind, quit!  Thanks TLR
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.    In Honor of Mary and Shirley! -- & my wife! -- My truly grateful & dependable friends & companions in this labor !
 Please know of our modern day wonderful but uniquely rare and "singular lepers" who have returned back -- as did the one of old -- to show tangible gratitude to his Divine Master, and then help bring blessings to others! Dear Mary, with her encouraging Shirley, has continued graciously helpful at my side now for several years, in return for our similar sharing of knowledge with her of healing truth and its lasting gift of health.  --  These pages of Life-blessing information would not be affordable for me, for my time, labor, and the meager reaches of my own resources, to provide and make available to you -- nor would many of our other materials, travel and efforts that are provided freely for you be possible -- were it not for the truly grateful heart, loving spirit and generous soul of dear and dependable Mary Mendenhall (with her supportive Paul) (also with help of her CC and Merrill), --  and that through the gentle encouragements always given with a widows "might" from her and our caring, loving, immutable and "unsinkable" Shirley Norsworthy. This is all with the supportive encouragement, patience and sacrifice of my good wife!  - tlr 2002
Our hearts, worries and prayers go to all men and women placed in harm's way in Iraq and all other theaters of human conflict. May they individually and collectively be honorable, alert, healthy, protect and be protected from unworthy and unjust harm. And may they carry a spirit of compassion, just and humane management and peace to their opposing combatants, the innocent civilian families, the animals and the environment in those theaters where they have been demanded to battle and to ultimately exert positive social and political influence; hopefully helping to establish greater freedom for all. tar 3/26/03
We of the human species must come to peace with creation 
before we will be able to come to peace with each other. 

__This site's Author was asked to run for State Senate
__because of his vigour in discovery and defence of the Vegan Family Vs State!
__Please support him in his cause for Family Rights and health choice!
__Your personal lifestyle and health services decisions are at issue here too!
. tlr
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Then help open the Lord's Millennium for your children, grandchildren and all creation!

The Gate is a comprehensive collection of Scripture, Prophetic instruction, and honorable science; all lighting the way into both your own personal Millennial blessings and a World Society's era of promised peace, healing, fullness of knowledge, freedom and happiness, as pointed toward and petitioned from us by our Heavenly Father, His Son, our Savior, His Prophets and all honorable mankind and creatures since Creation!

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